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Cowden Condensed Protocol - Affordable "Heart & Soul" of the legendary Cowden Support Programs

suebluleft.gifSUSAN SAYS: "Samento, Banderol, Burbur, Pinella and Stevia - this is what we call the 'heart and soul' of Dr. Lee Cowden's Support Programs Months 1-9. The program is easy to keep up with because it's so simple - and you only have to take your herbs twice daily.

"And, yes, my friend, you CAN - and SHOULD - put all of them in one glass of water.

"Questions? Derek Clontz, our chief herbalist and company's co-founder (in 1994) is here for you. Call 1-800-215-4682 or email him directly at

"You'll get answers. You'll make a new friend. And you''ll be glad you did. 

Remember, Derek is available for all questions. He is expert in all herbs, including Cowden Support Programs 1-9, and is happy to talk with you whenever you have questions or need feedback or guidance. 


That's why buying your support programs from us makes sense. Nobody helps you like we do. That's a fact. 


Susan Ambrosino and Derek Clontz - Your Trusted Friends in Herbs Since 1994, This is Our 22nd Anniversary Year.