Cowden Support Programs 1-9

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2018 CONSUMER ADVISORY. NutraMedix has jacked up the price of Cowden Support Programs from $285 each to a staggering $350 each overnight, without warning.

"This is beyond my control and I'm embarrassed by the way this was handled by the manufacturer. There could have been advance warning for loyal consumers. But ... no. There is no good or decent rationale for the way this was done, in my opinion.

"The best I can do under these circumstances is offer you a $25 discount, lowering the manufacture's price from $350 to $325.

"I also will have highly-affordable alternative and condensed programs posted by Friday, Jan. 5. And our chief herbalist can tailor a condensed or alternative program just for you.

"Questions? Call 1-800-215-4682. You'll find out why The Independent Herbalist magazine named us "The Best Little Herb Company in America".